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Joe Sergi is a versatile, goal-oriented Senior Executive leveraging strong financial expertise, operational acumen and analytical skills to achieve outstanding results for regional educational institutions and local government entities. Throughout his career in finance and administration, he has managed many large-scale initiatives and projects to improve revenue levels, expand market footprint and recover significant savings.

Mr. Sergi brings an extremely collaborative approach that involves working closely with boards, top administrators, cross-functional teams and multiple departments (IT, HR, faculty) to facilitate important programs, resolve process issues and implement enterprise solutions in both online and onsite settings.

As a self-starter with a very strong desire to succeed in whatever he does, Mr. Sergi has an ability to identify and remove barriers to operational excellence and sustainable growth. In addition, Mr. Sergi can develop and deliver workable policies and actionable strategies that fuel enterprise success. Mr. Sergi has a proven record of harnessing technology to meet changing business needs and institutional requirements.

One of Mr. Sergi’s recent achievements has been to assist in launching “College for America,” a competency-based platform that improved B2B position with 6,000 new students and $27M in new revenue in only three years. Throughout his career, Mr. Sergi has earned a solid reputation for meeting the goals and objectives of any organization with which he is associated.


  • Mr. Sergi has a Bachelor’s in Management from Bentley University (Waltham, Mass.)
  • Mr. Sergi has a Master’s Degree in Finance from Bentley University (Waltham, Mass.)
  • Mr. Sergi is a US Air Force Veteran

Specialty Skills

Driven Entrepreneur, Transformational Leadership, Strategic/Tactical Planning, Revenue Generator, Talent Recruitment, Cost Controls, Risk Management, Process Analysis & Redesign, Technology Alignment, Project Planning & Delivery, Staff Training & Development, Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, Policies & Procedures, Analytical Problem Solving

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