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Sergi Consulting Services provides a suite of services to higher educational organizations that will enhance revenue, reduce operating costs and establish administrative best practices. Sergi Consulting Services will position the tactical operational business verticals of an organization to best implement an institution’s strategic plan. This will ensure the operational business units continue to function in an efficient and collaborative manner. Specialties are below.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mr. Sergi has experience with non-for-profit Mergers and Acquisitions to include performing a complete due diligence process. Mr. Sergi will assist organizations with early stage evaluations through a comprehensive evaluation leading to a completed transaction. As Mr. Sergi has also created new legal entities to include a technology company and he can also assist higher education organizations with spinning-off For-Profit entities at the Seed Stage.

Growth Strategies

Mr. Sergi has experience with providing growth strategies for Online, Distance Learning initiatives for Colleges and Universities that involve strategically positioning the student experience that shifts an organization’s paradigm where the focus and warp around services are tailored to the adult student learner.

Operational and Capital Budgeting

Mr. Sergi has numerous years of experience with strategic financing initiatives to include multi-million dollar operational and capital budgeting. This experience also includes increasing the principal for endowments and establishing partnerships with venture capital firms. Mr. Sergi will work with leadership teams to establish strategic targets for operational margins along with retained earnings that will contribute to improving the credit ratings for an organization. Mr. Sergi has direct experience with increasing an Standard and Poors rating from a BBB to a single A in a single rating review.

Help in the Financing Process

Mr. Sergi will partner an organization with non-for-profit underwriters, and banks to fund capital construction projects and leverage industry experts to guide an organization through the financing process leveraging industry leaders that will ensure a best value transaction occurs.

Organizational Assessments

Mr. Sergi has numerous years of performing organizational assessments for core business verticals of an organization such as Treasury, Accounting, FP&A, Capital Construction, Facility Management, Strategic Procurement, Internal Controls etc. to ensure these functions are optimized and highly responsive and supportive to ensure business units goals are achieved.

Enterprise Software Integration

Mr. Sergi has numerous years of experience with assessing and implementing both on premise and cloud based solutions for Student Information Systems (SIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Performance Management platforms such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, Workday, Ingress and Anaplan.

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